Big Sky provides strategic sustainability advice and consultancy to clients in a range of sectors. 

From the sagebrush flats, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Strategic advisory
& B Corp 

We advise businesses  developing or reviewing their strategic sustainability work, measuring their impact and communicating their impact effectively or looking to become a B Corp. We then specialise in helping B Corp companies to plot a path for their next steps.

We advise strategy consultancies and public affairs and communications agencies looking for high-level specialists in areas like: sustainability, innovation, partnerships, campaigns, behaviour change, UK and Scottish political influencing, circular economy, climate change, waste, labour, supply chains and human rights.

Campaigns &
public affairs

Organisations doing social or environmental advocacy work to engage and influence policy makers or demonstrate leadership come to us for smart, strategic advice on  stakeholder mapping and engagement, clever tactics, audience insights, messaging, behaviour change strategies and impact measurement.

Betsy also occasionally serves as a Campaign Director - as with the recently successful 'Have You Got The Bottle?' campaign in Scotland, advocating for the introduction of the UK's first deposit return system for drinks packaging. As a result, the UK Parliament is considering similar moves (and is the reason Betsy ensures she works regularly in Scotland).

Behaviour change

We have years of practical experience in gathering insight into how core values drive behaviour, which levers create long-term shifts in social and environmental behaviours and how to usefully apply behaviour change models to real-world projects.

We developed and introduced Recycle for Scotland, have run a range of behaviour change programmes like Love Food Hate Waste, and we direct and advise a range of other high-impact and evidence-driven behaviour change campaigns on issues like reuse, food waste, climate change and circular economy.