Chairing, Facilitating & Speaking

‘Betsy is the best chair I’ve worked with in 20 years of running events. The way she ensured the VP-level speakers were prepared for and comfortable during the event was the work of an absolute pro. She was fully engaged for the entire three days of this year’s ‘Companies Vs Climate Change’ Brussels and her expertise in sustainability added depth to the event. We’ve already booked her to chair again next year.’
— Jason Youner, CEO, Companies Vs Climate Change

Betsy is an experienced speaker, chair and facilitator. She is highly trained to present to camera or on the radio and in-person to audiences large and small. Her experience as a spokesperson and facilitator for a range of companies, organisations and causes spans more than 20 years (case in point: she was a Junior Toastmaster from the age of 14). She brings a warm, engaging style, a rare ability to thoughtfully piece together a varied range of facts and presentations and a commitment to making audiences feel engaged.

If you're looking for a Chair who takes a hands-on role in ensuring your event's speakers are well-prepared, comfortable on arrival and ready to rock, get in touch. If you're in any doubt, just ask to hear Betsy's 'radio voice.' We promise you won't be disappointed.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Sustainable Business (including Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp, strategy, supply chains, engagement)
  • Behaviour Change
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Ethical Labeling
  • Impact Measurement & Communications
  • Multi-Sector Campaigns & Strategic Partnerships
  • Being A Girlboss
  • Plus... wellbeing, why doing yoga to hip hop makes perfect sense, work-life blend, wine tasting and why you should never try to pet a bison in the wild.