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New report: the majority of UK SMEs are struggling to embed sustainability

February 2018: Almost three-quarters of UK SMEs are struggling to embed sustainability practices, citing costs issues and unfavourable government policies as major stumbling blocks, according to a new report.

Less than a third of respondents felt that ethical practices should include stakeholder engagement outside of financial backers.

'Companies Vs Climate Change' conference in Brussels is all about collaboration

Collaboration. It’s not a term that sits easily in a competitive business environment, but it’s an approach that businesses large and small all over the world must increasingly get to grips with. It’s steadily dawning on CEOs, CFOs and everyone else that climate change is an issue too big for anyone to take on alone. 
Climate change does create massive opportunities for businesses to lead and innovate, creating new approaches, products and services that are suited to the present and contribute to a sustainable and exciting future. Those who are stuck in old-fashioned business models built on an assumption that they’ll have an endless supply of resources simply won’t survive. 

That’s why collaboration is crucial. Establishing joint, business-led solutions that create innovations and action to address climate change is an imperative. That’s also why the first ‘Companies Vs Climate Change’ conference was held last year in the US and why it’s coming to Europe in October 2017. Held in Brussels over three days, it’s been consciously designed to bring together a range of business people to share, learn, discuss and create action on climate change as a result. I'll be chairing the three-day event and delegates from a range of backgrounds will come together to share, to learn and to consider new ways of thinking and working.

The speaker lineup for the Brussels conference includes global software leader SAP, manufacturers from Toyota to ArcelorMittal, global retailers like Lidl, brewer Carlsberg, apparel company and SAC member Helly Hansen and others. Business is the world’s most powerful economic force, and it has the power to lead the way to new solutions to address climate change.